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Download Com(p)fy Folders

Com(p)fy Folders is a free web publishing software featuring:

  • Universal design: it can be used as a forum, blog, documentation directory, media library, and more...
  • Unlimited number of categories and subcategories, organized as "folders"
  • Publishing permissions/user policy setting and inheritance for all (sub-)categories/folders
  • WYSWIG supported post publishing and replying
  • Binary file attachments and embedded images
  • Private user messaging/contacting
  • Full-text search
  • Multiple software instances and databases supported per website
  • Convenient tree navigation and host page crumbs (site map path) integration
  • Easy integration via an ASP.NET User Control or installation as a complete web site template
  • Post editing and deleting if allowed by permission settings
  • Post ratings and user ranks
  • Programming syntax highlighting
  • User time zones

License and Download:

If you would like to use the latest version of the software that is powering this website, you can download it here. The Compfy Folders software is offered under the GPL license. By downloading this software you agree to the terms of this license.

Download Website Template with Binaries:

The installation instructions can be found in the Support Folders. Please feel free to ask questions in the Q&A section, post in User Forums, or just contact us using this email form.

Download Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Project with Source Code:

If you are a developer and would like to improve this project, please post your new versions, code, and binaries in the Support Folders/Versions. Describe the enhancements in the post and attach the files. Thanks!